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iTech Preconfigured Solutions (iPS)

Improve your issue management process with A Faster OpenPages Implementation

Cut down implementation time, speed-up design decision

iTechGRC Preconfigured Solutions (iPS) are accelerators that provide pre-defined configurations to fasten design decisions and reduce the implementation time. They fill in gaps and integrate necessary features into an end solution that speeds up implementation and reduces costs.

Managing issues can be challenging for organizations, so they prefer to use issue management solutions such as OpenPages. While the standard solutions offered by OpenPages can certainly simplify issue management, their implementation time may not be ideal. To solve this, iTechGRC developed the iPS accelerators.

Key Features


iPS dashboards let users create new issues or search for existing ones. They enable users to track, identify, and manage their issues. These dashboards comprise two panels customized for the currently logged-in user – ‘My Issues’ and ‘My Actions.’ These panels list the user’s open issues, overdue issues, issues due within the next seven days, and actions. iPS intuitive dashboards and charts give insight into the state of risk across the business. The dashboard provides an on-demand browser-based drag-and-drop report design. Perform root cause analysis by drilling down through sub-reports.


iPS help in automatically notifying and routing IT-related activities. The accelerators track and document all relevant IT incidents and facilitate root-cause analysis. iPS initiate investigative workflows driven by top-down planning and business risk. The embedded GRC workflow feature in iPS can run on a scheduled basis and leverage multiple sources. It also offers drag-and-drop functionality and workflow variables. The workflow gets initiated as soon as the user creates an issue. The issue needs to be assigned to an issue owner who can fill key fields and create an action item.


With iPS GRC Calculations, users can pinpoint essential business processes. This feature enables automatic value assignment to fields upon object creation and updates calculation input fields or object association are made. By utilizing a configurable out-of-the-box calculation that scores values from fields within the solution, iPS standardize the establishment of the maximum allowable outage for processes. These calculations are configurable from the user interface to add fields or customize scoring according to an organization’s methodology.

Why Tackle Issue Management with iPS

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Enables easy extension of the security schema and configures the solution to include additional objects or integrate with existing solutions

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Allows creation of a list of user groups that can be categorized as 'All Access', 'Read-only', and 'Isse Triage'


Provides role templates for issue management users with access to all functions and those with the read-only capability

grc implementation services

Permits the flexibility to modify views based on workflow stage, user, or fields within a record

We are an IBM RegTech Partner and can deliver preconfigured IBM OpenPages solutions to meet your GRC objectives.

We can help you jump-start your GRC journey with our iPS accelerators and deliver faster time-to-value.