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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in GRC

Facilitating Effective GRC and risk management with ai

Operationalize AI to optimize outcomes across your business and transform how work gets done

Leverage the transformative power of AI in GRC to redefine your business outcomes and revolutionize workflow efficiency. By integrating AI into governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC), organizations can navigate the complexities of AI Risk with unparalleled precision and forward-thinking strategies. Our approach to AI Governance ensures that your business not only stays ahead of the curve but also optimizes operational processes, making smarter decisions faster and more reliably.

AI in GRC: Optimize efficiency with AI Risk and AI Governance

AI-driven, highly scalable governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform supporting:

AI Risk Categorization Suggestions

Provides suggested field input values for the user – currently available for the following:

  • Basel II Risk Category Suggestions
  • Global Risk Taxonomy Suggestions

AI Risk Mapping suggestions

Provides suggestions for mapping Issues to Control objects

AI Governance

Monitor for bias and drift in AI Models through the Watson OpenScale Integration Automatically report on AI Models, leveraging Factsheet with the integration with Watson Knowledge Catalog

ByoM - Cognitive Controls by the AI Elite team

Identify control with “weak” definition and enforce consistency through natural language processing

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