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IBM OpenPages Data Privacy Management

Get a 360-degree real-time view of how sensitive data is used, stored, and accessed

Develop an inventory of all the private data

iTechGRC utilizing IBM OpenPages Data Privacy Management (DPM) solution, simplifies privacy reporting and risk management to ensure compliance. The solution helps maintain an inventory of all private data across the organization

IBM OpenPages Data Privacy Management provides an audit trail of the assessment process in the event of regulatory scrutiny. The solution automatically kicks off privacy assessments for newly loaded data assets to meet increasing consumer and regulatory privacy concerns.

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Key Features

Dashboards for privacy officers

The dashboard delivers all information related to data assets such as the status of privacy assessments and the breakdown of assets by jurisdiction. It also helps in assigning privacy-related tasks to the concerned stakeholder.

Privacy assessment questionnaires

Utilizes the built-in questionnaire assessment to ensure that data assets are in compliance by enabling privacy teams to build relevant questionnaires and deploy them for all applicable jurisdictions.

Issue management

The built-in issue management capability helps investigate and address the issues identified during the assessment process. The feature enables collaboration between privacy officers and data owners to resolve issues.

Why IBM OpenPages Data Privacy Management

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Helps automate private data reporting to cut the audit time significantly and improve accuracy

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Facilitates data scientists and model builders to maintain trust in compliance efforts and brings a compliance focus to data governance


Enables zero training by making data categorization and mapping suggestions to the user and provides 24/7 support from a Watson-powered virtual assistant

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Improves data accuracy in risk reporting with the help of natural language processing (NLP) to detect and translate over 50 languages

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