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Keeping up with ever-changing industry regulations

Industry regulations and market volatility are highly dynamic. Complying with the new regulations and responding to changes can be daunting. With business going global, there is a massive increase in first-line employees using various tools and working in silos. Companies struggle to ensure these employees adopt regulatory changes without imparting extensive training.

Businesses need a more holistic and consolidated view of risk and compliance across the enterprise with data provided by employees and suppliers outside the organization.

There is an ever-growing need for faster delivery of new use cases to address the volatile industry! iTechGRC’s AI-driven IBM OpenPages solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) help businesses to manage and mitigate risk and regulatory compliance challenges.

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IBM Gold partner

We are an IBM RegTech partner

We are an IBM Gold sales and implementation RegTech partner and an expert in utilizing AI capabilities from IBM OpenPages with Watson to consolidate disparate GRC systems and centralize siloed risk management functions in one integrated solution. As a result, companies don’t need to spend on maintaining multiple solutions.

Some of the key capabilities of the iTechGRC IBM OpenPages solutions that address market challenges include:

  • Customized views, widgets, and personalized landing pages support improved productivity and risk management.
  • Heat maps, sibling relationships, and embedded GRC workflow that covers many out-of-the-box use cases enable zero-training requirements for employees.
  • A standard risk library and single data model create consistent holistic views of risk and compliance.

The solution provides out-of-box and configurable content that improves the speed and efficiency of the GRC processes. A single-pane view of risk across the organization creates GRC transparency. Visual representation of data via UI and embedded workflow drives seamless collaboration between business and IT.

AI capabilities of IBM OpenPages to meet your GRC requirements?

AI-driven, highly scalable governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform supporting eleven solutions. OpenPages enables organizations to centralize siloed risk management functions to identify, manage, monitor, and report on risk and regulatory compliance using the following key features:

Key differentiators of our solutions

Utilizing IBM OpenPages with Watson, iTechGRC enables clients to move from reactive to predictive mode. Some of the key business value and differentiators of the solution includes:

  • Extensible solutions designed for the complex business processes of risk and compliance domains
  • Auto-populate set values on fields when creating an object with the GRC calculations feature
  • Detect and translate over 50 languages with Watson Language Translator integration
  • 24-hour support to common questions in natural language via a virtual assistant
  • Interactive text answers and recommendations for an object’s classification, categorization, and mapping

Moving from
what’s happened
to what’s coming

While historical data can inform future decisions, emerging threats must be weighed more heavily than before and put into the context of evolving risk postures. There is also a growing need for increased connection to related data. Greater availability of data, facilitated by real-time integrations, makes it possible for compliance experts to monitor a wide variety of sources.

GRC provides aggregate insights into systemic controls, processes, and compliance issues for dynamic cyber risk and data protection. This requires systems to have a connected library of risk and compliance items that can be viewed across different business dimensions. With OpenPages with Watson, IBM addresses these needs, helping clients move from a “what’s happened” mode to a “what’s coming” mode.

iTechGRC key competence

Targeted GRC capabilities within a single, highly integrated solution to meet specific GRC challenges, with the option to buy only the needed capabilities

Operational risk management

Automate the processes involved in the identification, measurement, monitoring, analysis, and management of operational risk. Track internal loss incidents, near misses, and identify root causes and ownership. Create and monitor KPIs for all key risks and controls.

Regulatory compliance management

Develop a central repository of consolidated regulatory requirements. Map internal taxonomies and business structures with regulatory requirements and share regulatory data with relevant stakeholders. Get a 360-degree view of regulatory change management.

Policy management

Maintain a consolidated library of laws, regulations, and best practices. Use AI suggestions to map regulatory requirements to impacted policies to simplify the creation, review, approval, publication, and attestation of the policies, and manage exceptions

IT Governance

Track critical IT incidents and perform root cause analysis. Map IT controls with international regulatory and compliance requirements. Get interoperability with enterprise infrastructure management and third-party applications.

Internal audit management

Easily create and maintain audit scope and objectives. Manage a unified library of electronic work papers and automate the work paper review process. Easily retrieve audit reports with the required data from the central repository.

Model risk governance

Organize a comprehensive model inventory and track issues associated with models, and manage the workflow of the models and validation life cycles. Supervise the execution of the audit and tracking of resources. Periodically execute model attestations and risk assessments.

Business continuity management

Consolidate data related to business continuity management at one location for a uniform enterprise approach. Improve consistency across business units with customizable out-of-the-box views and workflows.

Third-party risk management

Safeguard confidential information shared with vendors and avoid misuse of direct access to network resources. Reduce complexity in vendor-client relationships and address the risks associated with their products and service delivery.

Financial controls management

Simplify the process and reduce the costs of complying with global financial reporting regulations. Automate workflows to route tasks to key stakeholders throughout the enterprise. Get greater transparency with intuitive dashboards and dynamic reports.

Data privacy management

Consolidate and manage an inventory of sensitive data across the organization. Demonstrate compliance to auditors by maintaining a record of completed privacy assessments performed on data assets. Utilize the Questionnaire Assessment feature to deploy privacy assessments.

Environment Social Governance

Easily align ESG compliance and disclosure assessment cycles across the organization. Track achievement of objectives via key indicators. Stay updated with crucial regulatory changes across ESG with regulatory and industry changes event feeds

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Why you should use iTechGRC
IBM OpenPages services

  • iTechGRC IBM OpenPages solution helps you develop and maintain cordial relationships with auditors by responding to their audit queries swiftly.
  • We utilize proven best industry practices to achieve the expected ROI.
  • iTechGRC follows a human-centric approach. All our IBM OpenPages solutions are designed keeping humans in mind and are intuitive.
  • We follow a structured approach to implementing IBM OpenPages that keeps project budget and time in check.
  • Our team can handle rapidly evolving requirements with complete transparency and visibility of the project.

Why you should choose iTechGRC services

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Agile, Waterfall, or a combination of both - we discuss your requirements and suggest the best methodology for implementation.

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We work with your development team to make real-time adjustments to the OpenPages in your development environment by doing a gap analysis.


With the help of instructor-led 8-hours long training courses, we guide your implementation team through the OpenPages configurations.

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Our efficient methodology and deep knowledge of IRM best practices help you get a rapid return on your project and software investment.