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IBM OpenPages Has The Best User Interface  

IBM OpenPages Risk Market Technology Awards 2021

OpenPages Is A Risk Market Technology Awards Winner 

ITech is excited to announce that OpenPages has once again found its name being mentioned among the best GRC solutions available. The risk management industry declared in February that IBM OpenPages with Watson won the best user interface innovation category in the Risk Market Technology Awards.  

The Markets Technology Awards, part of the Risk Awards, recognizes the achievements of technology vendors, trading platforms, law firms, clearinghouses, and in between. The Risk Awards is the longest-running and highly regarded awards competition for global derivatives markets and risk management. 

OpenPages Simplifies Risk Management For Its Users. 

When you look deeper into how risk and compliance processes are implemented, you often discover that a large number of employees are not risk and compliance professionals. However, regardless of their risk and compliance competence level, these issues tend to still affect their work. As a result, every employee should be involved in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) (also referred to as Integrated Risk Management (IRM) not just the risk and compliance experts. 

Furthermore, the OpenPages team discovered through extensive research that non-expert users find risk and compliance activities extremely time-consuming. In addition, the training needed to learn the system can get in the way of other employee responsibilities. In many instances, risk and compliance training will be completely abandoned due to infrequent use of the GRC system. 

The OpenPages team went to the drawing board with the goal of redesigning and adding new functionalities to the solution. In doing so, they took the above, along with those of their more advanced users, into account. 

OpenPages’s design team decided to go with what they called a zero-training approach. The team created a highly intuitive, user-centric UI, to achieve faster onboarding times and elevate productivity. In addition, they overhauled a substantial amount of training pages. They were able to acompllish this by utilizing what is called natural language processing (NLP) and Watson Assistant. 

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 A “Watson Moment” For OpenPages 

The design team combined OpenPages with something IBM calls “Watson Moment”: highlighted Watson features that appear in IBM Cloud & Data Platform products as cards, modals, drawers, or highlighted content. The OpenPages Watson Moment examines the user’s written description of the risks they want to assess. Then OpenPages provides the user with recommendations for the most relevant set of information needed to be tested. 

More Users Adopting OpenPages 

OpenPages allows for collaboration and mass communication. Users can find precise and prompt answers from their data or from content built by others. Users can also create dashboards and reports through visualizations, which can easily be distributed to thousands of other users in their organization. 

 Now, It seems that by listening to their customers’ needs and simplifying the navigation for users who are not risk compliance experts,OpenPpages has committed itself to making sure that anyone and everyone can use the system and in return has increased their adoption rate.