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GenAI Impact Risk and Compliance in Banking

Discover the impact of GenAI on risk and compliance in banking.

GenAI models represent a paradigm shift in approaching risk and compliance in the banking and financial services industry. By leveraging advanced AI capabilities responsibly and strategically, CROs, CCOs, and senior executives can enhance decision-making, operational efficiency, and regulatory adherence in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

Banks and financial institutions that are still testing GenAI use cases in these specialized areas need a shift in perspectives and actions that help validate and improve:

What’s Inside:

  • GenAI’s value creation beyond its role as a productivity enhancer.   
  • GenAI astuteness over technology blindness by objectively understanding model safety, explainability, fairness, accountability, and transparency.   
  • Adoption of a risk-based mindset to identify and mitigate GenAI’s potential impact on the banking and financial ecosystem. 

iTechGRC experts have uncovered critical insights on the emerging role of GenAI in banking risk and compliance management functions. This e-book will provide an in-depth understanding of:

  1. The state of banking risk & compliance in 2024.  
  2. GenAI & types of GenAI models.  
  3. Typical GenAI use cases in banking & finance.     
  4. GenAI operating model archetype for banking & finance.
  5. GenAI adoption across risk & compliance operations in the banking and financial services domain.