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Gain A Real-Time View Of Risks, Controls, And Issues To Understand The Relationships Between Them

The client’s reputation and financial performance can be significantly affected by various risks, including natural disasters, cyberattacks, regulatory changes, supply chain disruptions, and product recalls. To safeguard against or minimize these risks, clients must maintain constant vigilance over potential business threats and continually adapt their Audit, Risk, and Control activities to address emerging challenges.

Execute Comprehensive, Broad-Scale Risk Assessments And Take Effective Steps To Reduce Exposure

Being one of the foremost suppliers in the automotive industry, the client acknowledges that the journey toward success is fraught with obstacles and challenges. To ensure that their business overcomes these hurdles and reaches its goals, the company aimed to leverage IBM OpenPages to gain better comprehension and control over various risks associated with finance, compliance, product quality, and more. By identifying potential areas of vulnerability across all their global subsidiaries and developing practical strategies to minimize the threats, the client sought to steer clear of any potential business risks.