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Reduce your exposure to data breaches and non-compliance by implementing comprehensive risk management solutions. At iTechGRC, we believe a risk management and compliance journey doesn’t have to be chaotic. That’s why our dedicated advisory analyst is always in your corner.

With our support model, we not only deploy a technology that delivers but a deeper service model that provides seamless implementation, tailored business advice, and industry best practices to meet the objectives of your unique risk program.

iTechGRC Approach

The risk landscape continues to morph and adapt, so today’s compliance can’t guarantee immunity to future breaches. In today’s fast-paced economy, where social media can influence business success, victories go uncelebrated while losses, violations, and vulnerabilities are publicized.

It takes a team of consultants to keep you updated on the latest threats and keep you prepared with the latest processes and policies.

Build business resilience with risk prioritization

Heat maps, sibling relationships, and out-of-the-box workflow cover many use cases that enable zero-training requirements.

Boost business growth with strategic expertise

A single-pane view of risk across the organization creates transparency and drives seamless collaboration between business and IT.

Faster time-to-value with industry best practices

Our risk veterans can help you tailor report templates to meet your business objectives and leverage our knowledge hub for standardizing your processes, which saves time.

Our Managed Services

Organizations have limited resources to manage risk while threats are intensifying. They must implement best practices to tackle this situation, but most lack the necessary expertise within their internal teams.

iTechGRC offers various managed services, enabling organizations to enhance their capabilities while optimizing available budgets and resources.

Advisory Services

ITechGRC will assign you a dedicated advisory analyst partner to guide you through the evolving risk landscape. GRC advisory services include risk methodology identification and solution design that will significantly enhance the security of personal data being processed. Combining iTechGRC's evolving risk management and compliance insights and your business intelligence, we help you build a flexible risk management program.

GRC Advisory

Risk Methodology

Solution Design

Implementation services

Businesses need the experience, technical know-how, and project management capabilities to implement IRM solutions successfully. We facilitate you to get up to speed quickly and implement within timelines through a dedicated implementation specialist. Our implementation managers know the software completely and will work with you to help outline your unique needs and identify the best method to meet them as quickly as possible.

OpenPages Configurations

Task Views and Workflows

OpenPages Development

OpenPages Deploy, Test, and Go Live


We manage and provide installation services for various IBM products and modules, including OpenPage applications and databases, Cognos BI, Global Search, and other migration and upgrades. We possess the knowledge, experience, and certifications to install all the solutions we sell. Whether you are implementing an individual IBM OpenPages module or the whole suite, we have the capability to provide timely quality installation services.

OpenPages Application

OpenPages Databases

Cognos BI

Global Search

Migrations and Upgrades

Maintenance and Support

Following ITIL methodologies, iTechGRC provides maintenance and support services to businesses, guaranteeing >95% user satisfaction rate. Our customer success team is reachable from any part of the world. They have the best-practice knowledge and practical know-how to ensure you have a great service experience. You can choose the level of engagement best suited to your needs now – and increase or decrease the services as circumstances change over time.

Technical Support

Application Administration

IT Administration and Maintenance

Disaster Recovery

Cognitive Analytics and A.I.

Our experts transform siloed data into actionable insights through AI-powered business intelligence, automation, and self-service analytics. Understand the context behind the data and visualize complex data to identify critical business issues. iTechGRC Cognitive Analytics services are the preferred choice for organizations looking for risk and compliance management. It allows businesses to visualize performance, discover hidden insights, share dashboards, and automate data preparation.

Watson Assistance

Watson OpenScale

Cognos Analytics


We develop customizable dashboards with niche reporting encompassing business performance analysis, strategy and forecasting, trend analysis, budgeting and planning, risk modeling, financial reporting, and more. Build meaningful reports for different audiences - board members, executives, and risk professionals get the details they want to see using a range of visual styles and formats to suit every audience.

Cognos Reports

Cognos Dashboards

Event Studio


Many organizations struggle to recruit the specialist, in-house skills required to manage their risk and compliance challenges. iTechGRC's in-house team of GRC experts helps businesses to develop the knowledge and awareness they need via comprehensive training sessions. Our trainers deliver outcome-focused training by blending adult-learning principles and cutting-edge employee development information.

Business Users


Report Writers

IBM Partner Seller

As an IBM Partner, we understand that every business has unique infrastructural needs to implement GRC solutions. That's why we don't just offer IBM Cloud - we provide a range of cloud solutions to ensure the seamless configuration of OpenPages Workflows and Installation of modules and DBs. Our cloud solutions include IBM Cloud, iTech Hosted, AWS, and Azure.

IBM Cloud

iTech Hosted IBM Cloud

iTech Hosted AWS

iTech Hosted Azure

Benefits of GRC Managed Services

Cost-effective policy enforcement
GRC managed services are cost-effective for managing an organization’s GRC needs. Instead of hiring a team of GRC experts, which can be expensive, organizations can outsource the work to a GRC managed services provider. This helps organizations enforce their policies and procedures while keeping costs in check.
Access to up-to-date expertise and the latest tools
GRC managed services providers are experts in their field. They have years of experience working with different organizations and an in-depth understanding of the GRC landscape. They have access to the latest GRC technology and tools. So, businesses can benefit from these tools without buying them themselves.
Focus on core business
By outsourcing their GRC needs to a managed services provider, organizations can free up their resources to focus on their core business activities. This can help them increase productivity, improve efficiency, and achieve business goals without worrying about non-compliance and breaches.
GRC Managed Services providers offer scalable services tailored to the organization’s needs. As the organization grows and its GRC needs evolve, the managed services provider can adjust their services accordingly.
Training and Education
GRC managed services providers train and educate the organization’s employees. They can help employees understand the importance of GRC, the organization’s policies and procedures, and their role in ensuring compliance. By doing so, they can help create a culture of compliance within the organization.

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Integrated Risk Management (IRM) services

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Our efficient methodology and deep knowledge of IRM best practices help you get a rapid return on your project and software investment.

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We ask the right questions, bring the right stakeholders, and prepare for challenges to ensure user adoption for maximizing your technology investment.


We assess your information security controls and policies in-depth to determine your risk posture.

grc implementation services

Our GRC experts implement a bespoke strategy to control vendor risk and proactively monitor your third-party risk management processess.